Written by  Thursday, 10 April 2014 19:07


Pars Ampoule as a Parenteral Glass Container manufacturer, founded in 1989 in Iran, is involved in the production of 1-20ml type 1 tubular borosilicate Glass Ampoules, 2-100ml Vials, Dental Cartridges, and Dropper Pipettes by an annual capacity over 700,000,000Pcs.
In consideration of the importance of the quality of our raw materials and our emphasis on highest level of quality, 100% of the raw materials are being sourced by the Schott Germany which is the largest producer of the aforementioned tubes in the world.

Furthermore, the overall technical equipments, accessories, essential spares and laboratory devices are being purchased from different countries in the Europe.
It is worth mentioning that, Pars Ampoule owns 55% of the overall market share in Iran. It is also much honoured to be considered as the first and only manufacturer of Glass Dropper Pipettes throughout the Middle East.

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